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Hive Today - April 10th, 2021 - Insert Catchy Headline

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Hive is alive, and this is Hive Today.

Hive Today is a weekly newsletter for the decentralized Hive network. Hive is a blockchain-based social app platform. This newsletter provides a summary of Hive apps and games development news. Thank you for reading and sharing.


This Week in Hive-Powered dApps, Tribes, & Tokens

Hive powers a growing number of decentralized apps (dApps). Since they all run on the same chain, one Hive account can access every app. Here's a quick summary of the Hive app landscape.

Actifit Burns Millions of Tokens and DeFi Plans

This week Actifit burned 2.54 million AFIT tokens to reduce the supply. Actifit also plans to release a feature in April that integrates with Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for some kind of DeFi functionality.

DBuzz fends off Spam Attack, adds Profile Editing and Long-form Frontend (Alpha)

The DBuzz team fended off a spam attack this week. A bot farm using hundreds of accounts started posting random news snippets. Some users caught on to this and began downvoting the posts to counter auto-upvotes. The spammer was ticked-off and switched to more aggressive posts, calling out the down-voters. DBuzz shortly thereafter rolled out a change for mute-lists to filter out the spam. Users on DBuzz have the ability to 'follow' other mute lists.

DBuzz also released some feature updates. Users can edit profile metadata inside DBuzz now. And an alpha version of DBuzz long-form content blog.d.buzz launched. DBuzz notifications can be filtered by type, and DBuzz posts gained a sharing button to cross-post to Facebook.

Ecency Mobile gets User Gallery and Drafts Auto-save

The Ecency mobile app received some updates this week. Inside the app, you can now browse your uploaded images. Post draft auto-save has been approved. This is a super-important feature because it's so frustrating when your hard work disappears and you have to re-write a post.

Ecency Vision gets Cross-posting, Undo reblog, Content history

The Ecency web app also received some updates this week. Ecency now support cross-posting to different communities. Reblog actions can be undone now, to remove a reblog from your blog feed. And they've added a really interesting feature called history.

If you're on Ecency.com, simply add ?history to the URL while viewing a post. Ecency will show you previous revisions view of posts which have been edited.


NFTShowroom Deploys Email Notifications and MP3/WAV Support

This week the NFTShowroom team deployed a new update. Changes include new email notifications, support for MP3 and WAV files in NFTs. Secondary sales royalties have changed from 5% to 10% going back to the artist.


This Week in Hive-Powered Games

Hive is home to a growing number of blockchain games. Here's a quick summary of updates for Hive games.

Rising Star Celebrates 1st Birthday

Rising Star, the band-manager game, celebrated its first birthday this week. Players who pre-purchased received their birthday cake cards.

Splinterlands Announces 11th Untamed Airdrop Card

This week Splinterlands announced the 11th Untamed Airdrop card, the Goblin Firemage. This magic-attack monster costs 4 mana and belongs to the Fire splinter. Players who have purchased Untamed packs from the Splinterlands store are entered for a chance to win one of the airdopped cards. Purchasing 70 or more packs guarantees to receive at least 1 card.


Upcoming Hive Events and Meetups

  • DACH Virtual meetup auf Deutsch - April 16th, 2021 [info]
  • 4/20 Virtual Meetup in Canna-Curate discord - April 20th, at 1 pm PST [info]


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Hive Today is published on Saturdays. The goal is to provide a curated news digest for the Hive community and educate outsiders about all the great things happening in the Hive ecosystem. If specific stories or events are missing here, please leave a comment.


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