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Hive Today - February 13th, 2021 - What's a DIESEL pool?

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Hive is alive, and this is Hive Today.

Hive Today is a weekly newsletter for the decentralized Hive network. Hive a blockchain-based social app platform. This newsletter provides a summary of development news regarding Hive apps and games. HiveToday’s audience grows organically. Thank you for your continued support.

Hive coin price action this week has set the hive abuzz. $Hive is currently trading for $0.249, up 61.8% compared to 7 days ago.


This Week in Hive-Powered dApps, Tribes, & Tokens

Hive powers a growing number of decentralized apps (dApps). Since they all live on the same chain, one Hive account can access every app. Here's a quick overview of the Hive dApp landscape.

Hive-Engine Decentralization, Liquidity Pools, OpenHive NFT Market

Hive-Engine (H-E) is a layer 2 smart contract platform built on top of Hive.

HE recently launched a decentralized version of itself, which allows the community to run witness nodes. Similar to Hive Layer-1 witnesses, the H-E witnesses are responsible for verifying transactions and producing blocks. DPoS is used to elect the witnesses, and votes are weighted based on the voter's staked WORKERBEE tokens.

There are currently 27 HE witnesses. Soon there will be a shift from H-E team witnesses to a system where the community elects the Top 10. The remaining 17+ witnesses will rotate in as a backup witness every 11th block.

Staking WORKERBEE tokens also earns BEE token rewards. BEE tokens have utility because they are spent when creating new H-E tokens and contracts.

In the next phase of development, Hive-Engine is adding Liquidity Pools (LPs). These pools allow a decentralized exchange to function by providing liquidity on both sides of a trading pair. For example, for BTC/ETH pool, a liquidity provider puts in some BTC and an equal value amount of ETH. Over time the balance of what I added to the pool may shift one way or the other. I may end up with more ETH or more BTC than I started with.

On Hive-Engine, the LPs are called DIESEL Pools. They will cost 1000 BEE to create, and they will be free to use. No fees to add/remove tokens to/from the LP. Incentives for participating in the LP are to be managed by the pool's creator.

Hive Engine has a number of other things in progress:

  • The Hive-Engine team launched OpenHive, a new NFT market that supports NFTs for multiple HE businesses as well as tokenized collections of NFTs.
  • A new UI called 'Hive-Engine Classic' is in development.
  • An Android app is soon to follow.
  • ETH integration is in the works.

Learn more [here] and [here].

F.R.I.D.A.Y. Discord Notification Bot Launched

Hive witnesses @deathwing and @rishi556 teamed up to a launch a new Discord notification bot called FRIDAY. The bot is a replacement for the poorly maintained GINAbot. After registering with the bot, you can configure the settings to notify for account operations like transfers, comments, posts, etc. The devs plan to expand the bot to include notifications for Hive-powered games like RisingStar and dCity. To register with the bot, join the FRIDAY discord server here.

Learn more [here]

DuplUp (https://dublup.io) - Alive and Kickin'

DublUp is a relatively new Hive dapp for speculating on outcomes and future events. Several markets have been created, including one for predicting the winner of the Super Bowl. The development team behind this app continues to make visual improvements. Market pages now show the current number of shares distributed for each outcome. [info]

HiveBuzz - Hive Tour gamified onboarding

HiveBuzz is another Hive dapp that focuses on gamification for the social aspects of Hive. The app awards badges for various feats, such as publishing a post every day of the week. In the latest update, HiveBuzz added a new onboarding flow called Hive Tour. The idea is to gamify the experience for new Hivers and guide them to explore features of the Hive social ecosystem. [info]

HiveBuzz is also giving out Valentine's day badges. Learn how to get one here.

Ecency - Layer2 Token Coming

Hive frontend Ecency rewards active users with Points. Points are also awarded for referring new users and delegating Hive Power to the @ecency wallet. In the future, points will be replaced with Layer2 Hive tokens. So instead of spending points to promote your posts, you might want to hold on to them. [info]

DBuzz Encrypted Messaging

@dBuzz (https://d.buzz) is a Hive-powered dApp for short-form micro-blogging content. The dBuzz team usually shares development updates every Tuesday. And the next major feature on the way is Hive.PM, Encrypted Messaging, releasing next Tuesday (2/16). Hive.PM will rely on encrypted transaction memos to send and receive messages. [info]

Hive.Loans Proposal - Approved for Funding!

Hive's DAO provides project funding based on stake-weighted voting. A new proposal received enough votes to be funded on Feb. 15th. Creator @klye describes Hive.Loans as a zero-risk peer-to-peer lending platform. Lenders will create lending contracts to lend out their liquid Hive coins. Borrowers will put up Hive Power as collateral and hand over account keys to Hive.Loans. Learn more [here].


This Week in Hive-Powered Games

Hive is home to a growing number of blockchain games. Here's a quick summary of the Hive game landscape this week.

RisingStar, the band manager game, recently added a new feature called Instrument Crafting. Players can collect instrument parts while running missions. Then, the parts can be combined to create Instrument cards (NFTs). This week the team tweaked drop rates for the parts to improve the player experience. [info]

Splinterlands, the monster battle and collection game, announced an upcoming airdrop this week. Once 50,000 Second ΛZMΛRÉ Dice are sold, a new card will be airdropped at random to players who purchased dice. The next airdrop card is Theorosa Nightshade. A 1 mana Death Splinter card with magic attack and healing abilities. To be guaranteed to receive one of these cards, you must purchase 175 ΛZMΛRÉ Dice. [info]

CryptoBrewMaster, the beer brewing game, announced a new set of NFT game cards for enhancing the quality of beer-brewing ingredients. These cards can be consumed at a new Laboratory building. [info]


Hive Raffles and Giveaways

  • @combination's weekly Hive charity giveaway. Enter the numbers draw with 1 HBD and stand a chance to win some HBD. Proceeds go to @papilloncharity, a registered not-for-profit. Donors can now earn a special HiveBuzz badge. [info]


Upcoming Hive Events and Meetups

  • Dygycon #2 - Virtual Conference - March 13th, 2021


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