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Hive Today - September 12th, 2020

Hive Today - September 12th, 2020

This is the second edition of Hive Today, a weekly zine. The goal here is to summarize development updates and news to provide a curated news digest for the Hive community. Hive Today is published every Saturday.

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AUTHOR Rewards for this post will be burned. I appreciate all the feedback you shared last week and on the Twitter poll where I asked what to do with the post rewards. The most popular choice is to burn the Hive coins by sending them to @null. This post is set to do that.

There were also many great suggestions like giving the rewards to new Hivers and giving them to accounts mentioned in the zine. Using @reward.app is another interesting option, where 49.5% of the post payout can go to voters in liquid form (Hive & HBD). The remaining 0.5% is taken as a fee. I may experiment with these options on future posts.

I’m doing my best to keep an eye on everything newsworthy and I know I’m still missing things. If there are specific stories or events you would like to see in the next edition please leave a comment.

Let’s get to the good stuff... there's a lot to cover this week!


Hive Chain News

Hard Fork 24, code named Eclipse release date has been set for September 22nd. Detailed testing status is shared on the @blocktrades blog here. In parallel, Hive dApps have been making changes to prepare for the fork. For example, Hive-Engine had brief downtime and now is ready for HF24. This was mentioned in @aggroed’s DSwap update post here.

A new whale has arrived on Hive! @encrypt3dbr0k3r purchased and powered up 1 million Hive (which was reportedly around 0.9% of the available market supply). The new whale intends to use the stake to reward gaming content creators on Hive in addition to voting for witnesses and DAO proposals. They’re also on Twitter (@encrypt3dbr0k3r).


Hive-powered Games

According to @DappRadar, in August, Hive overtook EOS and became the most popular blockchain for gaming. Woot! Most popular means the most daily active gamers. More than EOS, and every other chain that powers games. @DappRadar posted this news on Hive here.

Crypto Brew Master

This week the @CryptoBrewMaster team has add events to the game. The first event is the “Busy Bee” event. The top 25 players who complete the most quests during 1 week’s time will receive some rewards. This was announced on Twitter here. Better get moving, some players already finished hundreds of quests since the start of the event.


This week @elindos, one of the Exode team members, shared a detailed Lore update here.

Rising Star

The Rising Star game has revealed seasonal Halloween-themed cards and a “Halloween Spectacular” mission. Details here.


This week @Splinterlands announced Collection Power Phase 3 Details | PeakD. The game is adding separate ranked leaderboards for each league along with separate prize pools for each league. These changes are estimated to release at the start of the next season, on September 15th.

Splinterlands also announced the first ΛZMΛRÉ Dice airdrop card is the Lensmaster. Dice can be purchased in the game with dark energy crystals (DEC). And purchasers of ΛZMΛRÉ Dice have a chance to receive the airdrop. More purchases, more chances.


Hive-powered dApps and Tribes


This week Dapplr began testing their iOS app on TestFlight. This app is long awaited since the Android app became available weeks ago. This announcement was made on Twitter here


D.Buzz team plans to roll out version 3.0 of their dApp next Tuesday (9/15). This upgrade includes new color modes, Hive keychain support, direct image embeds, and miscellaneous bug fixes. Read more here.


The Ecency team released a new version (3.0.4) of their mobile app this week. This new version includes performance improvements, bug fixes, and HF24 compatibility. Read more here.


The LeoFinance tribe site is undergoing a major facelift. Anyone can try the new design by going to https://beta.leofinance.io/. Read more about these changes here.


PeakD released an update to their site which adds multiple features. Now, PeakD will display warnings to users who have account recovery set to the defunct “steem” account. Hive buzz awards can now be viewed on the profile badge page. And 3Speak streams can be embedded in posts. Two additional API nodes were added to PeakD Settings page (YAY Decentralization!!). Read more about these changes here.


The ReggaeJahm tribe site has a new URL! You can view the site at https://www.reggaejahm.com/ instead of the old reggaesteem.io. This was announced by @reggaejahm here.


Hive Community Contests

Hive Creative Contest

Official winners were announced for the Hive Creative contest run by @zord189. This weekly contest was recently expanded beyond the PowerHouseCreatives community. Now anyone on Hive can enter. For contest details and winners list go here.

JOINHIVE Month - Onboarding Contest

A Hive onboarding contest is running through the month of September. At the end of the month, prizes are awarded to whomever can sign up the most new, active users using their referral link. The JoinHive contest rules are here . This contest is organized by @hivepeople.


Hive Community Events

Two HiveChat events were held this week on Twitter. English-language HiveChat was hosted by @StellaBelle, who gave away a crypto art NFT to @plantstoplanks. HiveChat Latino was hosted by Cervantes (Hive Witness).

Throughout this week @victoriabsb organized educational español sessions for new Hivers. These take place in the PALnet discord server. There are 3 more sessions planned for this series and you can find the schedule here.

The 9th English-language HiveChat is coming up on Tuesday, September 15th at 1200 UTC, and it’s hosted by @hiro-hive . This event is sponsored by HiveTips, and 500 Hive will be given away to HiveChat participants as tips. The weekly Spanish-language HiveChat follows on Thursday, September 17th at 8pm Vzla.


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